Chaos Scar

Choices Await

You have now spent some months traveling and adventuring in the Nentir Vale. You have done well, and in the process you have made a powerful enemy in Shadowghast and a powerful potential ally in Corellon. You have rid the Chaos Scar of much evil and have destroyed two meteorite shards. In the process you have accumulated much experience and a significant amount of gold and treasure. You have lost adventuring companions and one of you has even suffered a fiery death, only to be resurrected again as your destinies have yet to be fulfilled.

Most recently you came face to face with your deeds as you were tricked into facing some of those who felt wronged by you. The leaders of the Chaos Scar were formidable, but once again you successes, albeit at great cost. Your onetime patron, Lord Drysdale was kidnapped and is now presumed dead. The ramifications of his death in Fallcrest have yet to be seen.

You have also recently been sent on a quest from Corellon to investigate and try to defeat the forces of Chaos at work in the northwest part of the Vale – near Garmore Abbey. You have also received a mysterious playing card which clearly has great power – the full extent of which is unknown to you. Now the time has come to make some choices about what to do next.

You may wish to do some or all of the following:

  • Attempt to discover the fate of Drysdale. If he yet survives, or if he is dead what will you do?
  • Learn more about Gardmore Abbey and its environs
  • Attempt to fulfill the quest set to you by Corellon
  • Learn more about this mysterious playing card you hold
  • Learn more about Shadowghast and his ultimate plans

You have power and wealth. How will you use it now and how will this impact the future of the Nentir Vale? Choices await…


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