Chaos Scar

Down, But Not Out

Shadowghast’s plan had worked. Not quite as well as he had hoped, he hoped to kill all of the wretches, but he would settle with sending that fool of a paladin to meet his maker. Perhaps his brainless companions will resurrect him? The very thought made him grin. He could waste their gold and get the pleasure of killing him all over again. Asmodeus would be very pleased with a former paladin as a slave for eternity. And that halfling. Oh how he wished that he could provide that halfling as a plaything to Lyrane. She would so enjoy his company. For a short while at least. He chuckled to himself at his own joke.

Still the adventurers lived, but the ritual upon the hapless elf was a success. Shadowghast thought about the enjoyment he would receive seeing his workmanship take its course. Adventurers always so eager for glory and never thinking about the consequences of their actions.

All the wheels were in motion…


mbrichman mbrichman

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