Chaos Scar

Shadowghast Manor

Don't take a celestial steed into the basement

Plagued with guilt at bringing the wrath of Shadowghast upon the Woodsinger elves, the party felt an obligation to go after the captured folk and try to return them to their clan.

Upon entering Shadowghast manor the party was overcome by Shadowghast’s Iron Circle minions. With the help of Buttercup, Oliver’s celestial steed, most were defeated but one powerful denizen escaped down the stairs. Determined to follow, Oliver and Buttercup haeded down the stairs. Sensing a dangerous presence, Kjartan shouted out, but too late. The Tempest Glyph went off with an enormous peal of thunder, and Oliver was struck with its full force. Now, more cautious, the party continued downstairs and managed to defeat a whirling blades traps.

Rounding the corner, things went from bad to worse as a huge Bloodfire Ooze attacked without warning. The battle was fierce, but proved to be too much for a diminished Oliver. He succumbed to the ooze’s fiery aura and volcanic eruptions.

Determined to avenge his fallen comrade, Hobbes slunk further down the stairs to try to get the drop on Shadowghast and hopefully rescue the hapless elf. Stealthily (or not as it turned out) Hobbes crept round the corner and spied Shadowghast and a beautiful redhead in the midst of a ritual. Hobbes spied a blood soaked figure on top of an alter which he could only presume to be the elf captive. Overcome by the beauty of the redhead before him (and the stirring in his pants) Hobbes gave up his position in the shadows. Lyrane cast a charm in his direction and he found himself further dominated by her. With his will surrendered, Hobbes found himself unwillingly attacking his friends.

It was quickly becoming apparent, that in their weakened state, the party would be unable to defeat these foes and escape with their lives. They made the difficult decision to retreat, taking Oliver’s body back to Fallcrest for hopeful resurrection.

Days passed as the group recovered from their second painful encounter with Shadowghast. Not knowing what else to do, the companions headed back to the Harken Forest and the Woodsinger elves to yet try to obtain the dragon’s blood which is essential to the destruction of the meteorite’s shard. [[:Marros Lightouch]], the leader of the elves was certainly not pleased that the party had not returned with their kin. Not revealing what they suspected, the group insisted that they could yet recover the lost elf. They pleaded with Marros for any other tasks that could improve their standing with the elves. Swayed by Kjartan’s words, the elves told of the Daggerburg goblins that had long terrorized this part of the forest. They indicated that there was a known group of goblins nearby, and if the party could rid the area of these pests, it would certainly help to raise the estimation of the group in the eyes of the elves.

This the party did, and with great efficacy…


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