Chaos Scar

The Lost Library

Spending some time at home in Fallcrest the adventurers are summoned in haste by one of the adepts of the temple of Correlon who were studying the chaos shard that had been taken from Morgana the Priestess of Torog. The party examined the crime scene and Occam was shocked to discover that the mark of his former master was crudely painted on the wall of the temple by creatures unknown. Additional sleuthing made it evident that the culprits were a band of Kobolds. For what reason had they stolen the share? It seems unlikely that kobolds would have the slightest idea what to do with something as powerful as a chaos shard.

The party made some discreet inquiries in town and soon made their way to the kobold lair which was found in a cave deep in the Chaos Scar. Exploring the cave, the party found the kobolds but soon discovered that they were building a lair for a small brown dragon wyrmling. The kobolds were defeated but the wrymling managed to burrow into the ground and escape.

Further explorations into the cave revealed more kobold who were living in what appeared to have been a long abandoned library. After dispatching the kobolds the party learned that this library once belonged to the sorcerer Voran Earthmane. Oliver had previously learned about Voran when he dealt with a band of Bullywugs who had moved into Voran’s workshop. In the library Oliver discovered a scapr of writing (preseumably Voran’s) which read:

It is fitting that the lantern’s elemental flame grants access to my library; only the knowledge in these books has granted me the power to tame the elements. My understanding of the power of the meteor grows with each passing day, but the creature that its arrival has summoned will be difficult indeed to master. My experiments have shown the <unreadable> elemental runes should allow one to gain access to the creature.
I have only one chamber left to build, but it will be the most difficult of all. I am almost finished with the key—just one final enchantment and the battle standard will be complete.

In the corner of the library was an arcane portal. The party stepped through the portal and were immediately attacked by the a dragonborn and more kobolds. The party managed to kill most of the kobolds but two of them surrendered rather than losing their lives. After being questioned, the kobolds (Nibbik and Minnock) revealed that they had been paid to steal the chaos shard by the current occupant of the Vanguard Tower (the home of Occam’s former master). Although not possessing first hand information, they believe that a beholder currently occupies the Vanguard tower.

Voran’s inner sanctum had additional secrets to reveal. Under a locked hatch the adventures found what appears to be an enchanted dormitory with comfortable rooms for each person who enters. The party agreed that this would become their base of operations for further adventures in the Chaos Scar.

Also found, an enchanted lantern and enchanted chalk that allow entrance and egress from the inner sanctum.


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