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Please see the prior post Choices Await for prior information about the campaign.

The Fate of Drysdale

After destroying your foes in the valley, the party decided to attempt to rescue Drysdale. He was found barely alive in the cavern in which he was left. You managed to heal him sufficiently to return him to Fallcrest. The party left him with the monks of Correlon for healing and he was returned to full health. For your trouble the party earned experience and a healthy reward.

In Fallcrest the party leafed several things:

  • The playing card you hold appears to be one of the cards from the ancient artifact The Deck of Many Things. You learn that it particularly strange for you to be in possession of a angle card, as the ancient lore states that once a card from the Deck is drawn and used, the entire deck disappears from the Material Plane. This appears not to have happened the last time it was used. Why?
  • You have been advised to seek the counsel of Lord Padraig of Winterhaven who to learn more about the Deck and about Garmore Abbey. (Recall that you were sent on a quest to Garmore by the Aspect of Corrleon to foil the plans of Chaos that seem to be afoot there.)

The party journeys along the road to Winterhaven and stops at Garmore Abbey to have a look round. Approaching the gate of the ancient Abbey, you find the place rife with Orcs. Kjarten takes wing and scouts the environs. He finds a large Orc encampment in the remains of the old village of Garmore.

Scouting the old guard towers Kjarten discovers a storage phenomenon at one of them. Looking into the upper windows, the inside seems to be pristine and in a perfect state of repair as it would have been while the Abbey was in use. Exploring the tower from the outside reveals more oddities. The doors cannot be opened, and striking the towers seems to cause it to ‘bleed’. You suspect the tower may not exist fully in the Material Plane. Unable to breach the towers walls the party moves on along the Abbey walls.

Discovering a break in the wall, the party finds a Fey Grove occupied by an elf named Berrien Velfarren. Berrien is suspicious initially of what your intent at the Abbey is. He seems to quite upset although it is not entirely clear why. Kjarten and Hobbes eventually convince him that your intentions are genuine and he sends you to discover the original records of the groundskeeper of the Fey Grove. You set out exploring further and soon happen upon a clearing occupied by two Owlbears! The party defeats the Owlbears and exploring the shack they inhabit, find what appear to be the records sought by Velfarren.

What to do next?


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